Who We Work With

We can help everyone from large corporations
to not-for-profit and tribal organizations.

Are you a business with a corporate team?

We help companies of all shapes and sizes – from startups to large international organizations. As an employer, you’re focused on what your plan delivers to your employees. RCG provides a tailored plan that helps your employees feel secure with their futures. We deliver the following customized solutions for your company and employees:

Are you a not-for-profit organization?

We understand that not-for-profits face unique challenges as they are accountable to multiple parties and face constant budgeting concerns. But not-for-profit employees should have access to retirement plans just like for-profit ones.

We are dedicated to serving tax-exempt organizations like yours – providing customized solutions to help keep you in compliance and focused on your work.

We help in the following ways:

Even though you can’t raise salaries in an instant, you can offer your employees financial well-being education within your benefits package.

Are you a tribal nation or organization?

We believe that successful retirement plans lead to continued self-reliance for tribal members.

At Retirement Consulting Group, we have a deep understanding of tribal interests and take immense pride in understanding the heritage, traditions, and needs of each individual tribe. We help to customize strategies that are unique to each tribe, and we figure out how to fix existing issues, problem solve, and ultimately implement an effective retirement plan. Tribal governments and casinos are extremely competitive when it comes to retirement plans.

We help you actively compete to retain valuable employees that are looking for an appealing plan.

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