We Put You and Your Employees First

Hand off the overwhelming process of filtering through endless retirement plan choices. We bring the knowledge and experience to help you provide what is best for you and your employees.

Why Use an Independent Consultant Like RCG?

As an independent consultant that provides personalized service, we offer a unique perspective on the world of retirement plans.

Our plan design, communication, and fiduciary services come in a customizable offering to ensure your employees get exactly what they need. Even if you have intricate or complex plans, we simplify the world of retirement. We act in your best interest, and our intentional, boutique structure means we are able to provide a responsive experience while offloading some liability from your shoulders.

We collaborate as a partner - putting you and your employees first.

Our primary role is to educate.

We evaluate the successes of your plan and your employees.

Here’s the process that achieves success:

  1. Determine a personal goal for each participant.
  2. Manage participants’ investments to reach their goals with the least amount of risk.
  3. Measure progress with quarterly tests to see if the participant is on track.