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Help Your Employees Develop a Sense of Financial Well-Being

Our financial well-being program enhances your efforts to give your
employees ways to plan for their financial futures

What is financial well-being?

Financial well-being is about developing a sense of security and feeling as though you have enough money to meet your needs. It means being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.

How does financial well-being integrate with retirement plans?

Because financial well-being means being able to make choices that improve your quality of life, those choices should include feeling secure in a future retirement goal. You can support an employee’s efforts to plan for his or her financial future by offering him or her the opportunity to improve his or her relationship with money.

What does our financial well-being program entail?

The main areas covered by our financial well-being educational program include:

A Guide to Your Money Story

Employees often think that they spend money rationally, but spending is influenced by many factors including the money lessons received from primary caregivers and their different money beliefs and thoughts. This part of our program involves:

Emotional Spending

When people feel bored, frustrated, or stressed, they sometimes overspend or make unnecessary purchases. We help them begin:

Financial Boundaries

Financial boundaries can be tricky, and people in different cultures may have different feelings and rules about what types of boundaries they want to keep with their friends and families. We help employees work on:

Understanding Our Relationship With Money

People often think that their financial circumstances are predetermined, but our financial circumstances depend on what we do with the money we have. We go through steps including:

Financial Goal Setting

Financial Goal Setting is like dieting: people realize they might need it, they try it, and some people have seen success – but some have not. We encourage:

Financial Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, people tend to think of their health, social interactions, or their careers, but rarely – if ever – do they think about financial self-care as a source of well-being. With us, an employee engages in:

Are you a not-for-profit looking to help members?

Our donation-based services are ready to help your members move toward financial well-being.

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