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Help Your Employees Improve
Their Financial Lives

Gain a trusted financial expert, whether you need retirement plans for your business or a way to help employees develop a sense of financial well-being.

Want to offer a retirement plan that gives your employees stability and confidence?

As a plan sponsor, you need to satisfy fiduciary obligations, understand the liabilities that affect your organization, and try to select the right financial options for your employees. We’re a retirement consultant that is part financial expert, part strategist, part analyst, and part communicator. We’re invested in your employees’ futures.

The Retirement Consulting Group helps you prepare your workforce for retirement by:

Bringing experience and depth of resources to your organization
Helping you create a stronger organizational culture
Enabling employees to plan for their futures
Going a step further and measuring your participants’ likelihood of success in retirement

Prevent your employees from “retiring at their desks.”

Why RCG? We integrate financial well-being into your employees’ plans.

Offer your employees an educational program to help them develop greater financial well-being. Our practice gives businesses the opportunity to provide employees with an outlet to improve their relationships to money.

We meet with employees and educate them on beliefs, behaviors, and patterns they may express that inhibit them from progressing in smart financial ways. Our program encourages them to explore their money concerns and offers strategies to improve their financial well-being.

We use the CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale to perform assessments, track individual progress, and then assess the outcomes of the program.

This service is not required as a component of our retirement plan options. Click below to learn more.

We provide the expertise you need to manage all aspects of employee retirement plans, including:




Cost Control

Administrative Requirements

Fiduciary Liability

By contract, we always act in your best interest.

The Retirement Consulting Group is an independent RIA. Because we sign on as a plan fiduciary, we are able to remain unbiased. We sit on your side of the table, and we provide a complimentary review process to you and your team.

We work in a consultative manner to present you with all the options available, and we are your trusted advisor – dedicated to educating you and your employees. Discover a holistic way to help your employees with our expertise.