Tribal Partner Retirement Plans

We believe that successful retirement plans lead to continued self reliance for tribal members.

At Retirement Consulting Group, we have a deep understanding of tribal interests and take immense pride in understanding the heritage, traditions, and needs of each individual tribe. We help to customize strategies that are unique to each tribe, and figure out how to fix existing issues, problem solve, and ultimately implement an effective retirement plan.

We Solve a Common Problem

When it comes to retirement plans, tribal governments and casinos are extremely competitive, and actively compete to retain valuable employees that are looking for an appealing retirement plan. Tribes need competitive compensation packages for their employees.

So, how do we provide a plan like this to our employees?

Retirement Consulting Group has extensive experience in evaluating options and strategies, and have been trusted to many Tribes because of our knowledge of the Native American culture. We act in your best interest by customizing a plan that suits your tribes individual needs.

How We Help You Achieve Self Reliance for your Employees

Education and communication are at the heart of our success, which is achieved by:

Our Value To You

We collaborate as a partner, putting you and your employees first

RCG is an independent, conflict-free RIA. We sign on as a plan fiduciary and by contract must always act in your best interest – that includes a complimentary review process. By taking on this fiduciary role and by not selling products, we are able to remain conflict-free and objective as we sit on the same side of the table with you.

We believe our primary role is to educate

We take our role very seriously as an educator. We provide you with ALL the options available, in an objective manner. We believe this process cultivates a trusted advisor relationship that allows us to add the most value to you and your employees.

We evaluate the successes of your plan and your employees

We not only review fees, funds, and fiduciary requirements, we work closely with you to measure your participants’ progress toward retirement readiness. As we identify opportunities to make improvements, we can provide you and your employees with actionable guidance and strategic insights.

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