Managing Fiduciary Risk

Corporate retirement plans in today’s world are complicated and tend to be difficult to navigate on your own. In the past few years, we have seen increased litigation and other regulatory changes. Here at Retirement Consulting Group, we work closely with companies to guide them through this complex process.

We use a consultative approach that is founded on fiduciary risk mitigation, to help you and your company provide successful retirement plans to your employees.

The RFP Process

The Retirement Consulting Group is well equipped and positioned to take care of your Request for Proposal strategy. If you are wanting to change up your overall team or simply monitor the progress of your current providers, RCG is here to help. We can help you by gathering critical information and asking the right questions, that are tailored to your needs and objectives.

Choosing and selecting your service team takes proper due diligence and know-how, and RCG understands that it is an extremely important fiduciary function. As we have extensive experience with the vendors we’ve worked with for years, it allows us to provide your company and employees with comprehensive and well thought out solutions. We develop a custom RFP for you that meets all your objectives so that your team can make educated and informed decisions going forward.

Some in our industry provide canned RFP templates to their customers, but The Retirement Consulting Group personalizes each plan to create the best and most comprehensive report for you. After the report is delivered, we personally sit down and discuss the results and how to proceed forward. Additionally, we will facilitate the process with the vendor you choose to proceed with and oversee the overall process as to make sure you are taken care of.

Whether you decide to stay with your current provider or move to a new solution, our overall goal is to provide an efficient and timely process that will give your organization with the tools necessary to make a fully objective and educated decision.

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